Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flubber Anyone?


Just shared a flubber recipe in my latest guest post on Mr. Printables…

Monday, October 28, 2013




Max: Look, mama. Look what I made.
Me: Nice. What is it?
Max: New ork!
Me: New York?
Max: Yes…oh no New ork fell apart!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of those days







You know the ones. When you wake up growling, even your favorite dress itches, and you can’t think of a comfort food that would take the edge off. This was definitely one of those days, so I decided to shuffle the gang outside to take a walk and take some pictures…

I bought these moccasins almost 10 years ago (*not to say that I was cool or anything because if there’s one thing I’ve never been it’s cool) after I saw them on Kate Moss in a magazine. At the same moment and for the same reason I bought wellies. The wellies worked out okay but the mocs…

You see they used to be the knee high ones, which looked amazing on her but on me, no. Oh Kate, how many of us you have lead astray with your toothpick legs. So after a couple of weeks of glaring at them in the back of my closet I cut them short and glued the top fringe back on with gorilla glue. To tell you the truth, I still dislike them but somehow year after year they remain my go to “fall shoe”.

P.S. The little ones are wearing fall goodies from Hansel from Basel and Little Lief

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