About the Author [Kristin Tanith Lloyd]


I’m one of those people that could never pin down just one thing┬ádo with my life. I wanted to act…and to manage my own company. I wanted to live in New York…and Europe. I did know that I wanted at least two children and that I would preschool them at home. And that I would marry a man that would not quite be what the world expected, but would be exactly what I needed him to be. I knew that life would not be perfect but that I would wake up every morning thinking I could make it so. I knew that while I always so desperately wanted to be cookie cutter, I would always be one of those messy-but-good vegan cookies you get at the farmer’s market.

And long, long before there were blogs I dreamed of a website where I would publish snippets about food, health, fashion and other such things. So here we are…

All of these thing have happened and are happening…and actually I just realized that is kind of awesome.

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