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BREASTFEEDING [one mom’s story]…

When Max was born I of course planned to nurse, but I never anticipated what an incredibly fulfilling experience it would be, or that we would end up co-sleeping and nursing long term. These days everyone is well-versed in the physical and developmental benefits of nursing. But one of the biggest benefits of breastfeeding that is not often discussed is the emotional benefit it brings, not just to the child, but to mom and to the family as a whole. The soothing comfort it provided Max was a huge help during times of illness, travel and stress. And the overdose of precious oxytocin it gave me helped keep my new mom stress levels down. I believe that the comfort, intrinsic bonding and extra oxytocin, combined with the hormone suppression lactating moms experience, helped me to be a more patient, confident new mom. These benefits were simply golden in the beginning and especially once he reached toddlerhood and the demands of parenthood increased.

So here are a few “guides” I’ve written along the way…

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Longterm Breastfeeding: Baby Led WeaningThe decision, the research & our story

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