Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flubber Anyone?


Just shared a flubber recipe in my latest guest post on Mr. Printables…


  • Beth Stubblefield

    Just put Flubber on my to-do list! Thanks for this. I look forward to checking out all your guest posts on Mr. Printables. I’ve been enjoying going through your older posts – I love your blog! For some reason, I can’t see your images on my iPhone. The header and sidebar pictures show up but the rest of the photos are stretched. Been like that for few months. Maybe it’s just my phone. Anyway, on my laptop now – worth the wait!

    • kristin

      Thank you for the tip. I’ve been having a lot of issues since moving to this new platform. I will work on that!

  • Melissa

    I’ll try this project soon!

  • the SAGA by Steinsdotter

    I’ve been reading through your blog for a while now, and I just love it. Love the photography, the clothes, the children, the way you write. From the breastfeeding guide to everything else.

    I surely will be back


  • Lily

    Nice project for kids. I could use the extra glue they had last school year while it’s still good. Thanks

  • Cathy Powell

    Seems like a lot of fun to play with! :-)
    ps. love your blog
    Hug, Cathy

  • Hillary

    Mama! It’s been so long since I’ve peeked in to see your blog (I’ve been through the ringer since Ellis came into the world) and I just lost touch with all the amazing ladies I followed along–I see your life has demanded more of you too -and that’s okay– blogging is not a requirement, but know that you’re thought of and I hope that sweet Max is doing well and being nice to his baby sister. I don’t know how many times a day I scold Hux for being naughty, (kicking, shoving, putting fingers in sisters eyes mouth, dear Lord help me!)

    Brothers & sisters.


    Sending love and light,

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